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April is Advance Care Planning Month

Advance care planning is a helpful way for people of all ages to prepare for the future. Both healthy people and people with health conditions do advance care planning. 

It is never too early to have meaningful conversations regarding the healthcare choices you would make if you could not speak for yourself in a health crisis.  

Advance Care Planning

You might be healthy now, but what if you became very sick or injured in the future and important decisions had to be made – decisions that would affect you? Who would you want to speak for you?  How would doctors, nurses, and your loved ones know what kind of healthcare you would like to receive, unless you’d made those decisions in advance? 

Join us for an Advanced Directives Workshop for help completing your own MyCare Advance Directive. Get help completing your document so your healthcare providers and loved ones know what you would want, and what you would not want, in the event of a medical crisis, so they can honor your wishes. Please join us at the following dates and times:

Sansum Clinic
215 Pesetas Lane
3rd Floor Conference Room
Monday, 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Ridley-Tree Cancer Center
540 W. Pueblo Street
2nd Floor Multi-Purpose Room
Thursday, 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm

Space is limited. Registration is required in advance. Call (805) 681-7672 to reserve a space at a community workshop or click on the dates above to make an online reservation for one of the workshops. 

Free of charge. Open to the public.

Patients of Sansum Clinic can also schedule an individual Advance Care Planning appointment to explore your values, goals, beliefs, and preferences for your healthcare and have one-on-one assistance with completing your form. Please call (805) 681-7672.

What is Advanced Care Planning?

Advance care planning is: 
  • Making decisions now about the types of healthcare you would and would not want to receive if you become very sick or injured and couldn’t speak for yourself in the future.
  • Choosing a person you want to speak for you if you’re unable to do so for yourself. 
  • Talking with your doctors and loved ones about the types of healthcare you want to receive so they’ll respect and honor your values and healthcare goals.
  • Writing down your healthcare goals in MyCare, an advance directive. 

The first step is to talk with your family about these issues, decide who you would want to speak for you, and what your goals are for your healthcare.  Then, fill out an Advance Health Care Directive form, have your signature witnessed, and submit it to Sansum Clinic and Cottage Hospital so it can be added to your medical record.  Be sure to give a copy to your family members so it can be easily accessed if the need should arise.  You can revise this document any time you wish.  You may never need it, but if something should happen, your family will be grateful that you made decisions for yourself, in advance. 

Having an Advance Health Care Directive is a lasting gift to give to your family and friends.   

Helpful Documents to aid you in Advanced Care Planning:

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